Notion 101 for Creatives (+5 Templates to Get Your Started)

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Notion 101 for Creatives (+5 Templates to Get Your Started)

Michelle Pellizzon
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NOTION IS INCREDIBLE. But I'd be straight up LYING if I didn't say there's a barrier to entry when using this badass piece of technology.

I'm pretty obsessed with this powerful all-in-one tool that's changed my life, but honestly? it's like they're trying to scare us creative people away.

Let me make it easier (and way less scary)

I like aesthetics and design, but I also run a multiple six-figure business with a small-but-scrappy remote team.

We had a lot of plates spinning **cue the deadline anxiety insomnia** and I needed something to help me keep my digital shit *toit* and keep us on track.

After juggling lots of different apps, productivity trackers, CRMs, project management tools, editorial calendars, and various digital and material ephemera (anyone else always have, like, 4 different notebooks they're using at any given time?) I committed fully to using Notion in early 2020.

In this 2-hr Notion 101 for Creatives masterclass, we'll go over:

- Using blocks and organizing pages

- Creating template blocks and template pages

- The power of linked databases for your workspace

- Advanced databases using rollups and formulas

 And I'll start you off with these valuable templates:

- A client proposal

- A project management tracker

- Your Second Brain Station

- Your Personal Work Dashboard

- 2 versions of a private course page (for those thinking of running online courses or coaching through Notion instead of using pricey software)

I want this!
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